Mark Klema

MARK KLEMA: Happiness maker and shipping expert

HOMELAND: Kansas City, MO.

EYEWEAR PHILOSOPHY: Quality and color

INSPIRATIONS: Travel, family, meeting new people

MUSIC: Everything to whatever the moment calls for

BOOKS: Wild at Heart, John Eldridge

MOVIES/TV: Departed, No Country for Old Men, How I Met Your Mother

PLAYTIME: Watching, coaching and playing sports, playing cards and going to the lake

SURPRISE: Love being with family and friends

Carrie Brigham

CARRIE BRIGHAM: Happiness Maker

HOMELAND: California


INSPIRATIONS: My family and my kids are my inspirations.

MUSIC: I like everything but opera and new country, and I LOVE show tunes!

BOOKS: My favorite books to read are biographies.

MOVIES/TV: So many to name! I love to show my kids the classics from my childhood.

PLAYTIME: I love traveling and going to great restaurants with my husband.

SURPRISE: Kansas City Royals Fanatic

Dave Gonzalez

DAVE GONZALEZ: Office Manager (the grown up)

HOMELAND: Argentina

EYEWEAR PHILOSOPHY: Eyewear should be an extension of your personality

INSPIRATIONS: God, of course

MUSIC: Christian Contemporary

BOOKS: The Bible

MOVIES/TV: Radio, The Blind Side, The Greatest Game Ever Played

PLAYTIME: Golf, travel

SURPRISE: 18 holes without a bogey!

Damon Nelson

DAMON NELSON: Operations manager

HOMELAND: Kansas City, MO

EYEWEAR PHILOSOPHY: Quality, Comfort, Color

INSPIRATIONS: My wife, my kids and to be the best husband and father one can be

MUSIC: I like all genres of music. Pick one? Classic rock

BOOKS: Sports Illustrated; Dr. Suess

MOVIES/TV: Rudy, Tombstone, Reservoir Dogs, Modern Family, SVU and Pawn Stars!

PLAYTIME: Football, golf, baseball, grilling and travel

SURPRISE: I have a hat issue

Dennis Leonard

DENNIS LEONARD: Marketing, magic maker


EYEWEAR PHILOSOPHY: Comfort , quality, color

INSPIRATIONS: My children, my wife, and art

MUSIC: All genres

BOOKS: Willy Wonka (does this reflect my maturity level or reading leve?)

MOVIES/TV: Exit Through the Gift Shop, Beautiful Loosers

PLAYTIME: I'm in marketing–we're always playing

SURPRISE: (I'm really an artist hiding in the marketing department)