Claudio Arena

CLAUDIO ARENA: Partner Extraordinaire

HOMELAND: Firenze, Italy

EYEWEAR PHILOSOPHY: Minimalist, shapes, color, wearable, quality

INSPIRATIONS: Travel, different cultures and people, food, wine

MUSIC: Air, Thievery Corporation, Moby, Royksopp, The XX, Bob Marley, The Beatles & Led Zepplin

BOOKS: Paul Auster, Philip Roth, Gabriel Garcia Marquez and Zafon

MOVIES/TV: Cinema Paradiso, Mediterraneo, Il Postino, Life is Beautiful

PLAYTIME: Cycling, trail running, hiking, skiing, cooking, IPA and Sassicia

SURPRISE: I love the sun

Dan Martin

DAN MARTIN: West Coast Sales

HOMELAND: New Jersey... you got a problem wit dat!?! ;-)

EYEWEAR PHILOSOPHY: Fit, function and fashion

INSPIRATIONS: The good in people, my family and friends

MUSIC: Eclectic! Everything! (not big on rap)

BOOKS: The Boys In The Boat, The Professor and the Mad Man, history

MOVIES/TV: Too many to list, Fav's Michael Collins, Modern Family, Top Gear

PLAYTIME: Travel, landscape design, art, history, biking, cars, motorcycles, the outdoors, food, wine