Richard Mewha

RICHARD MEWHA: El Presidente


EYEWEAR PHILOSOPHY: Quality, color, minimal, wearable

INSPIRATIONS: My wife and family, desire to learn and connect with people, to travel

MUSIC: Frank Ocean, Anderson Paak, Tame Impala, Remi

BOOKS: DH Lawrence, Steinbeck, Hemmingway, Dickens

MOVIES/TV: 3:10 to Yuma, Once Upon a Time in the West, Young Frankenstein

PLAYTIME: Soccer, travel,scuba, Single malt scotch

SURPRISE: Always challenge myself. Love life.

Claudio Arena

CLAUDIO ARENA: Partner Extraordinaire

HOMELAND: Firenze, Italy

EYEWEAR PHILOSOPHY: Life is to short to wear cheap glasses!

INSPIRATIONS: Travel to discover the world, its different cultures, people, food, and especially the wine...Haha

MUSIC: XX, Phantogram, Bob Marley, LCD Soundsystem, Nora Van Elken, Alt-J, Rufus Du Sol, M83 and so many more...

BOOKS: 100 Years of Solitude, All the light you cannot see, A gentleman in Moscow, City of thieves, Siddharth and all the mystery books by Henning Mankell and Jo Nesbo

MOVIES/TV: My Octopus Teacher, Parasite, Fargo, Green Mile, All Quentin Tarantino movies, Shawshank Redemption, Fight Club, 12 Monkeys, new and old 007, The Ozarks, Tin Star, Night Manager, Breaking Bad, Six Feet Under, Bodyguard, The Handmaid's Tale, and Better Cal

PLAYTIME: Trail running, bike riding, beach going, cooking

SURPRISE: Sunset chaser

Dan Martin

DAN MARTIN: West Coast Sales

HOMELAND: New Jersey... you got a problem wit dat!?! ;-)

EYEWEAR PHILOSOPHY: Fit, function and fashion

INSPIRATIONS: The good in people, my family and friends

MUSIC: Eclectic! Everything! (not big on rap)

BOOKS: The Boys In The Boat, The Professor and the Mad Man, history

MOVIES/TV: Too many to list, Fav's Michael Collins, Modern Family, Top Gear

PLAYTIME: Travel, landscape design, art, history, biking, cars, motorcycles, the outdoors, food, wine


Peter Robinson


HOMELAND: Ely, Cambridgeshire

EYEWEAR PHILOSOPHY: Quality, comfort, color and confidence

INSPIRATIONS: Family, friends and interesting people

MUSIC: The Stones, The Who, Giuseppe Verdi

BOOKS: John Grisham: The Rainmaker

MOVIES/TV: The Usual Suspects, Bourne Identity, CSI and Spooks

PLAYTIME: Traveling, cars, beer, wine and bourbon (not at the same time!)

SURPRISE: Cuban cigars—I won't tell how I get them...

Daisuke Sekimoto


HOMELAND: Tokyo, Japan

EYEWEAR PHILOSOPHY: To match with face shape and face color


MUSIC: Any genres except heavy metal and progressive rock

BOOKS: Food and gourmet books

MOVIES/TV: Tim Burton

PLAYTIME: Cooking, eating, drinking

SURPRISE: Love to eat and drink!

Mark Klema

MARK KLEMA: Happiness maker and shipping expert

HOMELAND: Kansas City, MO.

EYEWEAR PHILOSOPHY: Quality and color

INSPIRATIONS: Travel, family, meeting new people

MUSIC: Everything to whatever the moment calls for

BOOKS: Wild at Heart, John Eldridge

MOVIES/TV: Departed, No Country for Old Men, How I Met Your Mother

PLAYTIME: Watching, coaching and playing sports, playing cards and going to the lake

SURPRISE: Love being with family and friends

Carrie Brigham

CARRIE BRIGHAM: Happiness Maker

HOMELAND: California


INSPIRATIONS: My family and my kids are my inspirations.

MUSIC: I like everything but opera and new country, and I LOVE show tunes!

BOOKS: My favorite books to read are biographies.

MOVIES/TV: So many to name! I love to show my kids the classics from my childhood.

PLAYTIME: I love traveling and going to great restaurants with my husband.

SURPRISE: Kansas City Royals Fanatic

Dave Gonzalez

DAVE GONZALEZ: Office Manager (the grown up)

HOMELAND: Argentina

EYEWEAR PHILOSOPHY: Eyewear should be an extension of your personality

INSPIRATIONS: God, of course

MUSIC: Christian Contemporary

BOOKS: The Bible

MOVIES/TV: Radio, The Blind Side, The Greatest Game Ever Played

PLAYTIME: Golf, travel

SURPRISE: 18 holes without a bogey!

Damon Nelson

DAMON NELSON: Operations manager

HOMELAND: Kansas City, MO

EYEWEAR PHILOSOPHY: Quality, Comfort, Color

INSPIRATIONS: My wife, my kids and to be the best husband and father one can be

MUSIC: I like all genres of music. Pick one? Classic rock

BOOKS: Sports Illustrated; Dr. Suess

MOVIES/TV: Rudy, Tombstone, Reservoir Dogs, Modern Family, SVU and Pawn Stars!

PLAYTIME: Football, golf, baseball, grilling and travel

SURPRISE: I have a hat issue

Dennis Leonard

DENNIS LEONARD: Marketing, magic maker


EYEWEAR PHILOSOPHY: Comfort , quality, color

INSPIRATIONS: My wife, my boys, and my family

MUSIC: All genres except country

BOOKS: Willy Wonka (does this reflect my maturity level or reading leve?)

MOVIES/TV: Don't have time

PLAYTIME: Cycling, Bikepacking, hiking, walking, running, exploring

SURPRISE: (I'm really an artist hiding in the marketing department)

Jamie Stacer

JAMIE STACER: Customer Service/Shipping

HOMELAND: Kansas City, Missouri

EYEWEAR PHILOSOPHY: Look good feel good!

INSPIRATIONS: Sunrises & Sunsets

MUSIC: Country

BOOKS: The Bible & anything by Nicholas Sparks

MOVIES/TV: The Notebook (I'm a sucker for a good love story) and Yellowstone

PLAYTIME: Watching my daughter play softball, working out & trying new restaurants