LOFT NY is Almost Here!

LOFT NY is Almost Here!
Join us at LOFT NYC—March 30-April 2.
We are a group of like-minded independent eyewear designers who share a passion for
creating beautiful, sometimes funky, sometimes classic eyewear for the discerning consumer.
We believe that our eyewear should be styled and fitted by independent eyewear retailers
who are experts in tailoring frames to the customer’s prescription, facial features and
unique personality.
Our individual approaches to design strengthen our common vision to advance independent
eyewear aesthetics and function. An independent spirit enables us to have plenty of fun
along the way.
The LOFT collections originate in the US, UK, France, Japan, Australia, Italy, Denmark,
Germany, Austria and Belgium, amongst others.
LOFT was created by Bevel eyewear president and designer Richard Mewha to support the
independent eyewear community. For more information, please contact Louis Fullagar