Daily Inspirations

Daily Inspirations
Fingerprints from Condé Nast featured Richard in their daily behind-the-scenes interviews focused on what inspires today's creative innovators.
1 Right now, I'm inspired by
nature and travel.
2 My style icon
is Romeo Gigli.
3 My necessary luxury
is single malt Scotch with chocolate.
4 My favorite art
is by Ai Weiwei.
5 The best gift I've ever given
was an engagement ring to my wife.
6 If I had a different career
I’d be a journalist or cricketer.
7 My favorite day of every year
is Christmas with my family.
8 My favorite character
is Basil Fawlty.
9 My favorite way to spend a day off
is scuba diving.
10 My next adventure
is in Iceland.