Bevel Spring/Summer 2017: Collection named in honor of some of our great friends
After a Fall/Winter collection full of innovation, the Spring/Summer release is a time to refine and perfect. That doesn’t mean there aren’t some amazing new ideas here.
Our main innovation, is really a complete overhaul of an idea from 6 or 7 years ago. Improvements in the technology of crafting acetates, and merging them with titanium, mean that we can produce titanium with a beautiful acetate overlay, while preserving a thin but colorful profile.
Bevel SUN sees the launch of two “ultracool” titanium styles for men, and two vibrant Acetate SUNS for ladies with a very chiseled feel.
Two new chiseled acetates, two beta with beveled inserts that actually cover the front profile, chiseled titaniums, and titaniums with an overlay (AKA “titanium sandwich”), and even a relatively simple milled titanium round out this collection.
If color be the food of love, paint on. Nobody famous said this. Our titanium color palettes and combination are funkier and funkier. No longer medium funky! Our Acetates preserve a rich, grainy strain akin to types of stone and wood. How lovely!
s were chiseled to give each piece a raw, 3-dimensional

look. It’s an alteration that makes a big impression.