Fall 2015 Collection Inspiration

Fall 2015 Collection Inspiration
This season we are innovating yet again. Sometimes that means tinkering with the cogs so to speak. For us, we are always looking at being Bevel, a brand that reflects the minimalism, the sharp lines of the word “ bevel”.
So, we have a new piece that incorporates the thicker titanium of the past year, with a chiseled or beveled front edge. This new contour, coupled with some vibrant new palettes of colors make for a 3 dimensional feel to this style. This will be the first of many with this concept.
Our shapes are perhaps a little softer for this season, away from the strong rectangles and cat-eye shapes. Whilst our colors are reflective of a brighter, bolder spirit of the collection. A beautiful pink, a new blue and a stunning but wearable green are the highlights of the titaniums. Deep new multi-layered acetates with subtle melodies of color are the core of the new Zyl collection.
Two new combinations round out this release. Bold, cool and wearable. They offer a slightly funkier edge to the brand.
As for the theme, we have gone back to inane, fun names playing on the binge-watching craze of late: “ Mad Mensch, Breaking Bag and Game of Drones” are good examples.
– Richard Mewha, September 2015